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Advantages of TAPBOOST

• Any kind of protein can be expressed by TAPBOOST technology
• Easy implementation into your current bioprocess
• Combine TAPBOOST with any other technology for synergistic effect

TAPBOOSTER can be designed for any kind of protein. Designed TAPBOOSTER is
expressed with a protein of interest (targeted protein). TAPBOOSTER targets the targeted
protein and enhances protein folding. Therefore, the targeted protein is 1) functional, 2)
stable, and 3) easy to secrete. All these effects TAPBOOST has significantly enhance the
production of the target recombinant protein.

Boston Strategics has its own proprietary technology, TAPBOOST, for enhancing protein production. TAPBOOST enhances the production of recombinant proteins you target. This is accomplished by co-expression of TAPBOOSTER with your protein. The unique mechanism of TAPBOOST to enhance the production of recombinant proteins enables the technology to combine with any other existing technologies for synergistic effect.  Non-confidential information by clicking on the following link.

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Confidential information is also available under CDA for further discussions.
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Keizo Koya Ph.D.